Sohrai: a Santhal festival


Sohrai, one of the biggest festivals among Santhal tribe of Hazaribagh district in the Indian state of Jharkhand, is celebrated during the same time when the Hindus celebrate Diwali. In this two-day festival, the cattle and their God — Pashupati — are worshipped to ensure the fertility of the land and the subsequent harvest. This festival is celebrated by Santhals because their animals help them to grow crops in field.

According to ancient mythology, Marang Buru (God of mountain), Jaher ayo (Goddess of forest) and the elder sister of the santhals, would descend on earth from heaven to pay a visit to their brothers and to commemorate this event, the harvest festival is celebrated at this time.

On the first day, the cattle are sent to the fields in the morning to graze, while in their absence, the womenfolks of the house decorate the huts by painting them and laying…

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