Panoramic view of Rupnarayanpur


Rupnarayanpur is a small town in the district of Burdwan in the Indian state of West Bengal. This town is well known for the Hindustan Cables Factory which is located here. Hindustan Cables and CLW are located side by side. People of Rupnarayanpur locality were economically dependent on the Hindustan Cables factory, which  is closed for years now. Due to this closure the economic health of the area has gone down.  There is a good news that the Ministry of Defence (DGOF) may take over the factory for setting up an Ordnance Factory there.

The township visited and photographed on  12 Dec 2014. Below, Hindustan Cable’s Dabur More Gate where signs say to the vistors- “Thank You” and “Visit again”.Dabur More

Hindustan Cable’s Dabur More Gate

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