Plight of Bangla Bhasa & Bengali People in Jharkhand today

Since 1947, when unfortunately Manbhum District dominated by Bengali speaking population, was attached to Hindi speaking state of Bihar, the oppression of Bangla Bhasa and Bengali people started by the then Bihar Government and same tradition is still continuing. The history is the witness of those shameless acts of the then Bihar Govt. In my previous post, you can see how Bihar Govt. attacked Bangla Bhasa and forcefully imposed Hindi on the Bengali speaking population.  From the memorandum below it is seen that the situation has not improved and the oppression is still continuing.

A memorandum was submitted to President, Pranab Mukherjee by the Secretary, “Bangla Bhasa O Sanskriti Samiti” ( বাংলা ভাষা ও সংস্কৃতি সমিতি ), Jharkhand, drawing his personal attention towards  Jharkhand Government’s neglect of the language and its Bengali People of Jharkhand.

Dumka, April 29: Bangla Bhasa O Sanskriti Raksha Samiti, a state-level organisation of the Bengali speaking community, today drew the attention of President Pranab Mukherjee towards alleged neglect of the language and its people in Jharkhand.

Secretary of the samiti Gautam Chatterjee, who was allotted seven minutes to interact with the first Bengali President of the country during his brief stay at Raj Bhavan here, submitted a five-point memorandum to him.

Chatterjee, in his memorandum, told the President that the state was yet to implement a two-year-old notification that granted Bangla, along with 11 other languages, second language status in Jharkhand.

He also highlighted scarcity of teachers and poor infrastructure at the Bengali postgraduate department of Sido Kanhu Murmu University (SKMU). He said the university was reluctant to sanction teachers’ posts for the department, undermining the welfare of the student community.

“There is only one teacher for 150 students in the Bengali department. The university has failed to ensure enough teachers for the department,” the memorandum read.

Also, the department was not allowed to participate in today’s academic procession of the convocation, he alleged.

Ami somosto vyapar gulo dekhbo. Tumi joga jog rakhbe, samsyar nirakoron kora hobe. (I will look into the matter. You keep in touch, all grievances will be mitigated),” Chatterjee quoted Mukherjee as saying, while talking to The Telegraph after his meeting.

(Source : The Telegraph, dated 30 Apr 2013)

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