Bengali Language & Bengali speaking population in Jharkhand

“Bengali or Bangla (বাংলা) is the language native to the region of Bengal, which comprises of the present-day nation of Bangladesh and of the Indian states West Bengal, Tripura and southern Assam. With about 220 million native and about 250 million total speakers, Bengali is one of the most spoken languages, ranked seventh in the world. The National Anthem of Bangladesh, National Anthem of India, National Anthem of Sri Lanka and the national song of India were first composed in the Bengali language.” ( source : )

Surprisingly you will not find any mention of Bengali speaking population of Jharkhnad whereas there are vast Bengali speaking population in Jharkhand.  As an evidence of this fact we can quote the Jharkhand Government (Arjun Munda Govt.) order of the year 2002, declaring Bengali (Bangla) and Santhali as second official language of Jharkhand.

Therefore, whenever there is a talk of Bangla Bhasa (Bengali Language), the Jharkhand should be taken into account for its vast Bengali population.

Bengali speaking population of Jharkhand are settled in the area of East and West Singhbhum District, Saraikela, Kharsawan, Silli Tamar Bundu area of Ranchi, Chas, Chandankyari of Bokaro dist, Dhanbad District, Jamtara District, Dumka and Pakur district.

Still no mention of facts of this vast population of Bengali speaking people in Jharkhand because Govt. always wants to suppress the fact and since 1956, they forcefully imposed Hindi on these Bengali speaking Population Manbhum (now in Jharkhand). That being the one of the reasons the next Govt. again changed the status of the Bengali Language and made Urdu as second official language of Jharkhand for vote Bank politics.

As you know Manbhum was always part of Bengal. Till 1912 it was part of Bengal presidency. Letter it was part of Bihar but official language was Bengali till 1956.

Hindi came to Manbhum area only 100 years ago. Even 50 years back no body in Manbhum area could speak Hindi. Post 1956, Hindi has been forcefully imposed on the vast Bengalis speaking population of erstwhile Manbhum District (now Jharkhand).

The Original Bengalis in Jharkhand of the above areas, are the moolnibashi Bangla Bhashi people and they are not the Migrants or Settlers from anywhere else. They are the son of the soil, original dwellers of that land for more than 300 years. It is unfortunate that Bengal was never  interested to protect the Bangla language and and the culture of that part of Manbhum areas by placing strong demand for inclusion with West Bengal (with Purulia District) in the year 1956. Had it been done so, today West Bengal’s geography would have been different and it would have become a reachest state of India with the “Black Diamond” Coal belts and mineral reach areas.

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6 Responses to Bengali Language & Bengali speaking population in Jharkhand

  1. sourav says:

    bharoter sadhinotar por kono bangali netai bangalr jonno bhabeni… even manbhum r barrack upottyakay je bhasa andolan hoachilo tar itihash o porano hoina akhankar bangalider.. banglar rajnoitik dol gulor lojja…bangalider tader nijer idendity somporke bhaba uchit tader bhasa tader sonoskriti somporke.. apnake dhonnobad ata tule dhorar jonno..

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  2. Mehedi Abedin (Anik) says:

    amio ekmot.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Soumya sengupta says:

    The Bengali people needs to be united if they want to protect their language and culture.Many parts of the present day Jharkhand were formally part of the state of Bengal like Dhanbad and Singbhum districts which has considerable number of bengali speakers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Shahalam Miah says:

    Ami banglay reply dite chai sobaike jodio amar Bangla ekhon ektu jong pore ghiese 28 of 47 botsor par hoyese Europe but etai bolte chai je sudhu Bangladeshi rai Bangla bhasar jonno zuddho korese abong pran diese 1952 ekhono proti botsor ta mone kora hoy. Sutorang Indian bangla bhashi manus gulike forse kore hindi sekhano eta indian government er obichar. Ami bissas kori ekhono Bangla bhashir manus indiate chesta korle dhore rakhte parbe. Eksathe voice dite hobe je Mayer bhasha aghe pore hindi

    Liked by 1 person

    • soumya sengupta says:

      Ekdom thik kotha bolechen bhai apni.Poschim Bonger onektai akhon Jharkhand r ongsho. Eta bangali jaatir proti obichaar.Edhoroner onnai mene newa jaina. Bangalira oikkoboddho hon apnaara. Nahole sob sesh hoe jabe.

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  5. Mrinal Das says:

    Thank you for your work. I am agreed with you and have same feelings.

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